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Ad Critique 5 – Advertising – Racism

Ad Critique 5 - Advertising - Racism

Rachel Humphrey
October 12, 2013
Ad Critique 5


Dove is a soap brand that has been around for a long time and white women do most of the advertisement for Dove. Now it is not so much the physical appearance, but it is about the race that is not apparent in these ads. The ad that I picked is four white women standing side by side.

In a lot of cultures white is beautiful and it means that you are the most pure because you have white skin. People believe in other sides of the world that God curses people who do not have white skin. It’s interesting to find out this information because I am white and I always want to get tan in the summer.

The ad is not saying anything directly but it is basically saying that white women are better than any other race. They are on the ad with hardly any clothes on and they are saying, “Hey look at me, I use Dove, it’s for white people”. Are they implying that white people are clean and fresh and other races are not? I am still trying to figure out the message they are conveying exactly.

As I was going through the ads for Dove I did not see many black women in the ads for Dove. I did see a few, so I guess they are saying that black women can use Dove as well, or are they using them for comparison purposes? I just hope that Dove’s policy is to not have all races in their ads or do they think the same as the rest of the world that white is beautiful and there is nothing anyone can do about it.

You are who you are; you shouldn’t have to have certain products for certain skins because of the color difference. I like ads that apply to everyone and not just one race. As for now, Dove has not attracted me to their product by placing only white women in their ads.


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October 12, 2013 · 3:57 pm