Ad Critique 7

Rachel Humphrey

Ad Critique 7


November 24, 2013


On the website I cam across the ad “The More You Consume The Less You Live” for the Buy Nothing Day campaign. The whole campaign is about trying to stop the outrageous buying of items that people do not need. Every day shopping has become out of control. People all around the world have used shopping as an excuse to forget all of their problems. It is possible to buy things that we need but people take it to another level of buying what they want as well. The best real life example of over buying is on Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving. In America it has become another holiday because it gives people the opportunity to over shop and spend money that they do not have.


In the ad “The More You Consume The Less You Live” is the perfect example of how life has evolved over the years. Children and teenagers have become obsessed to buying items that “in”. We have iPhones now and it seems like everyone has to have the same phone now. We also have game systems and people are pre-ordering the PS4 and then selling it for double the market price because it is sold out right now. As consumers we have become a society that needs a certain item right now. If we can’t have it right now, then what is the point of existence? The teenager in the ad has fast food wrappers in her room, a plant in an aquarium, and a TV with a video game console hooked up to it. It looks as though she has been buying whatever she sees. She didn’t think about the items as something that she needed but since she saw it or came in contact with it, she had to have it and she had to consume it. She barely has her bed to sleep on because her room is full of junk.


As a culture and society of major consumerism, we need to take a stand. It is hard to imagine that our whole lives consist of what items we purchase. Is our life just the items in our room? She looks like she has all she needs but is she living? We need to start teaching our children that living is not a box on the TV, and living is definitely looking out the window from your bedroom.



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