Ad Critique 6

I found this video on YouTube when I was thinking of what advertisement I was going to do. I thought of what product makes an average man look more or seem more attractive and AXE popped into my mind. Axe is known to make less attractive men more attractive by the smell that they give off.

In this commercial they show a women with short shorts and a nice figure. You see her sports bra and then they go and they focus on her abs. You see her looking at something but you aren’t sure what until they show the window. In the window is a very average man who is basically drooling over the women on the ground. She uses a catapult to break the window and then she used a pole-vault to be able to get into the window. The reason why she is trying to get into the window is because the guy is wearing axe spray. She gets into the window and starts to strip.

The message that this ad is giving us is that if the man wears Axe then he can get any women he wants. It gives a very false view of what happens in real life. No product can just make you look better than what you are. If you are average looking then you will stay average a product will not do that for you. I think that this is false advertising and there is so much out there now a days that this is not the only ad that has false advertising and there really is no way to stop it. The ad that I picked for Axe is not the only commercial for them that show the average man; that is their main point of all their commercials and ads. The average man gets the hot sexy every time.


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October 21, 2013 · 1:26 am

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