McDonald’s and Minions Ad Critique 4

I decided to do my ad critique on a McDonald commercial that is definitely targeted to children. I found the video on YouTube. In the video there are the minions from Despicable Me 2 movie. They are at the counter and they order a happy meal and then you see them joking around. At the very end of the commercial you see a little kid with his mother and they are eating a happy meal as well. They said that it’s a healthy choice. I really thought that was false advertising. Children are going to think that McDonald’s is a good choice and that they can get toys with their meal as well. The advertisement is showing a negative value because they are teaching children that eating unhealthy food is okay as long as a movie or TV show is representing them.

It’s interesting to hear that children are being pretty much brainwashed with advertisements. Children are sponges and when they are little they are still learning and developing values and habits. The advertisers know that and they know they will earn money off of little children because their parents won’t be able to say no to them because they want their children to have the best and fit into school with the other children. I don’t see any thing wrong with wanting the best for you child, but I hope parents come to realization that McDonalds is not the best for their child because of the unhealthy foods that they serve. McDonald’s is trying to become better because they now offer apple slices and yogurt, but before it was just chicken nuggets and fries. It amazes me what parent’s will and will not do for their children. The forum suggested that parents should be the factor and I really believe that they are the factor in what their children soak in.


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September 28, 2013 · 7:42 pm

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