Ad Critique 3

I found this ad on YouTube and Rick Perry’s campaign team is sponsoring this ad. The ad is about Rick Perry running for president. In Chapter 9, Wharton discusses that political ads are all about the outfits and the way they are trying to get across, like what is the meaning of the ad. In this ad they really made Rick Perry look like a down to earth person. His main focus was to talk about religion in our country. He wants people to realize that there is no praying going on in our schools and he wants people to know that religion is not a first priority with the other candidates. He is the country and has just a regular farmers jacket on I guess and he is trying to voice his opinion on religion and how it would change when he became president.

I feel like this is a good value to have and it is a positive value. The only thing to me is if he is really being real or not, but I guess that is not the point. He is trying to promote religion to his republican fans, which could benefit him and his values are favoring him for the positive. But in reality if someone from the Democratic Party, they could tear him apart for what he is saying.

In my opinion, I think that he is making religion more of a priority than our safety from international terrorists, and even education and medical care. It is confusing when the politicians want to promote one thing, but do they realize what they will be up against when they become president? They need to be looking ahead and not so much on one thing that they want to fix. It needs to be more than that to be able to come president. They need to look at all aspects.


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September 22, 2013 · 7:08 pm

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