The TV commercial that I have picked is from the car Soul with the “Applause” by Lady Gaga in the background. Here is the link:

I found this ad at the Cinemark movie theater on the screen before the previews start; they usually are playing this commercial. It has always caught my eye and now I am able to use it. Kia is sponsoring this commercial for the new Soul that is coming out in 2014.

The song that is in the commercial doesn’t really have to do with the actual product at all. The song goes along with the hamsters and how they were able to lose weight, but I am still not sure about the connection. It’s talking about applause and to me that isn’t about the car or even the improvements to the car, especially with the hamsters. I think that the song was used in an effort to make the sponsor’s brand cooler and edgier. Lady Gage already has enough publicity and she wouldn’t need it even if the purpose were for her. Because the song makes you dance and it catches the attention of the audience. I was familiar with the artist, not the song, it was probably a new song of hers and it did help promote her new song.
The song was not altered for the commercial, except the muffled way of it sounding when the hamster went into the water. The song was fully used in the commercial and it even has the credits in the corner of what the song is called and who is singing it. The only stereotype that I would be able to say is that being skinny makes you get applauses. I don’t know. I just thought it was sort of far fetched in the commercial. The commercial is selling a car that looks the same in the new year. I don’t get it but I thought it was a great example of what we are studying this week.

In conclusion, I thought that it was promoting positive values. It is a good thing to exercise and in the end of all your hard work you get have applause, I just don’t get how it compared with the car that the ad was selling. It favored the ad very well I believe.


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September 14, 2013 · 11:32 pm

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