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The ad was found when I did a search for “top women fashion ads” in Google. There were a lot to choose from but I thought this one really caught my eye and I could say a lot about this. The ad is for Dolce and Gabbana and it is not too clear on to what they are selling but I assume that they are selling the shoes that are lifting her up from the ground.


            The values in this ad are saying that it’s okay to have four men looking down on women on the floor with no defense. There really is no value to this ad unless you think that this ad looks okay. This ad has very little to do with what they are selling. Wharton “Advertising as Culture” mentions that in glossy, expensive magazines such as Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar, there were advertisements for accessories, but these represented only a very small percentage of the advertising profile (page 85). The means that even though the ad was in a fancy magazine does not mean that the ad was selling what it was intended for.


            This was a negative way to show the value of the ad. Even still I cannot figure out what the ad was really about. It looks like it could be shoes, but it could be selling sex as well. Sex is not a value that I believe to be positive and I don’t think Wharton would think so either. When you sell something, it should be right there and obvious. In women’s fashion ads that have nothing to do with the product is becoming more popular because it is selling the woman, not the product. That is why I don’t even buy magazines anymore, because it is all about the woman and their bodies, nothing to do with class or poise or even the product itself.


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